Chongqing, People's Republic of China
Scope of Work     
Conceptual design for a mixed-use retail/office/residential high-rise project for the Asian Pacific Enterprise Valley-Phase III site located in the Nanping district of Chongqing, China. The site is adjacent to phase I – II, and across Yatai street from the new Kempinski Hotel and a new office tower for the Chongqing Convention Center.
Design Concept
The site is located in the Nanping district of Chongqing overlooking the Yangtze River to the north. The project totals 246,000m2 and will provide 46,000m2 of retail/office space, and 200,000m2 of luxury residences in 5 high-rise buildings ranging from 22 floors to 55 floors.
The sloping topography requires a unique solution for integrating the retail/office space so that pedestrians can circulate easily throughout the project and remain connected to Yatai Street. Cascading and floating bars of saleable space are woven around an internal pedestrian street connecting the eleven levels. The office space located at the top of these floating bars covers the internal open-air street at various intervals to provide shade relief from the hot sun in Chongqing. The five residential towers are located at various levels above the retail/office portion and are connected by a series of parkway paths to allow for a restful landscaped area between the towers. A central spine of water defines the border between the public retail/office space and the private residential towers, and cascades down along the internal street below to offer a cooling environment for pedestrians.  A large parking garage is situated under the retail space and provides easy connections to the public space above.