DHA Commercial Triangle

Islamabad, Pakistan

DHA Commercial Triangle is located at the intersection of the Islamabad Highway and the DHA Expressway which provides a link to the new towns of DHA Valley and DHA Extension II.   The project will create a vibrant commercial/retail and residential anchor to these newer master planned communities located southwest of Rawalpindi/Islamabad.  The 144-acre plot is surrounded by Commoners Town, the National Institute of Health Sciences' planned new campus, and Emaar's Canyon Villas.  The DHA Commercial Triangle site has existing infrastructure challenges, including a high-tension power transmission line and a storm water channel that bifurcates the site. A greenbelt is planned to engage this infrastructure and to provide a separation between the new commercial center and Commoners Town.

DHA Commercial Triangle is divided by the existing street grid of Commoners Town and by two planned street connections from Islamabad Expressway to create three specific districts.  Each of the three districts has a unique character and is accentuated by a gradual shift in massing and building heights. Two community mosques are planned within the Triangle. One will be located in the Park/Mid-Rise District adjacent to a mini-golf club, and the other mosque will be located within the Markaz Shopping District to the north. Ample green space along major streets and small pocket parks are planned to provide spacial relief within the districts. Interspersed between the blocks of density are surface parking lots that can be adapted to parking or mixed-use structures in the future. The conceptual master plan phase was completed in 2009, and the detailed master plan phase/urban design guideline phase is on-going.