DHA Golf City

Karachi, Pakistan

DHA Golf City - Karachi will be a zero-carbon city, an environmentally sustainable new town northeast of Malir Cantonment towards Hyderabad. Any effort to reduce carbon emissions can only be successful if outlying areas become land and energy efficient. The lack of connectivity and the absence of transportation alternatives generally are the weakest characteristics of edge developments. DHA Golf City-Karachi will incorporate three fundamental aspects to ensure a compact sustainable community: the horizontal (which encompasses land use), connectivity between places, and neighborhood design (which encompasses green building design, solar orientation of buildings, and architecture). DHA City will be made up of "eco-towns" within the boundary of its 11,640 acres. Each "eco-town" will include 5,000 - 10,000 homes maximum, with the goal to achieve net-zero carbon standards while providing a walkable scale and a mix of uses to reduce dependence on vehicles. The "eco-towns" will be linked with a region-wide system of sustainable and interconnected green spaces, public transportation hubs, and there will be a higher concentration of mixed-use development, as well as a diverse mix of housing types, sizes, and prices. As Karachi grows, undoubtedly more people will move to the suburbs, but the suburbs will only flourish when people can connect to the community without the constant need of the automobile.