DHA Valley

Islamabad, Pakistan
9,856 acre development including 102,697 residential plots and 3,500 commercial plots.
Districts & Pedestrian Study
  • 8 distinct districts surrounding a lake where the town center serves as an urban core for the entire development (Districts include University Village, Transit Village, Urban Village, Village Green, Town Center, Town Green, Town Villa, Villa Green)
  • Inter-connected communities forming a complete new town by supplementing and supporting related functions
  • Phasing strategy needed for the timing of district and town center construction
Land Use
  • Strategic land use pattern to promote compact and mixed-use development for a safe and secure walking environment
  • Dynamic yet balanced distribution of various land uses with phasing strategy based on carefully studied programs
  • Variety of housing types to accommodate changing market needs and to ensure a successful development
  • Each community designed with its own characteristics according to site location and natural resources such as fluctuating topography and water features
Major Roadway Networks
  • Curved street pattern to facilitate ventilation and storm water management
  • Optimized street network to channelize auto traffic into a hierarchy system
  • Limited access points on DHA Expressway to minimize interruption of fast speed traffic flow and to reduce congestion
  • Expanded green buffers along major roadways to eliminate negative impact of traffic noise and pollution on adjacent neighborhoods
  • Appropriately-sized street widths and paced intersections to accommodate necessary travel demands with higher connectivity
  • Shared surface streets for motorists, passengers, bikers, and pedestrians with dedicated lanes for each purpose
Transit Options
  • All major communities and their centers serviced by public transit routes
  • Transit stops coincide with community centers and major roadway intersections for convenient access and transfer
  • Multi-modal transit network designed to accommodate various travel distances and speeds and to cover different service radii
Open Space Networks
  • A sophisticated network with various types of parks and playfields linked by footbridges, walkways, and trails
  • A balanced system providing sense of community, place for recreation, protection from pollution, and preservation of natural resources.
  • Natural water courses and retention basins integrated for many kinds of activities
View Opportunities
  • Site topography and roadway design providing unique gateway experience along entering roads
  • View corridors towards places of interest facilitating sense of orientation and enriching view experience