Crescent Bay

Karachi, Pakistan

Scope of Work     
Design 702 luxury residential 1-Bedroom (with maid quarters) to 4-Bedroom (with maid quarters) units, ranging in size from 1,109 to 4,834 square feet , plus 13 Townhouse units ranging in size from 2,005 to 4,362 square feet,  together with all amenities befitting a seaside development including above-grade and subterranean parking for 1,152 cars.
The project is located on two adjacent seaside sites situated on reclaimed land spanning out into the bay. The most western site commands a prominent visual location at the end of the peninsula. This site contains three residential towers interconnected by two above-grade podium levels ranging from 23 stories to 28 stories in height. The easterly site contains two residential towers ranging in height from 18 to 27 stories. The towers are also interconnected by two podium levels. Each development site has two levels of below-grade secured parking plus additional parking at grade and on the first podium level. The upper podium level provides shared amenities, including swimming pools and spa facilities, sport courts, children’s play yards, and barbeque areas. A waterfront promenade runs along the perimeter of the site.  On the western and southern sides of the site are 13 luxury Townhouses along the waterfront promenade. 
Site Condition
The two elevated sites are a part of three crescent-shaped reclaimed land masses totaling approx. 6.3 acres.
Design Concept
Create a high-profile modern architectural structure to be a signature tower located on the prominent western site. To establish landmark prominence for this tower, it will be the tallest structure on the two sites. The podium levels and the multi-storied townhouses at the southern and western perimeter of the site add depth and layering to the pedestrian scale of the waterfront. The tower façade has been accented with vertical bands of glazed curtain wall overlain at various elevations with an undulating mashrabiyya, a latticed metallic sun screen in an Islamic pattern.
The structural frame is poured-in-place concrete with post-tensioned slabs. The buildings are enclosed with a glass-and-metal curtain wall interlaced with textured pre-cast panels.