Phase I - Retail Village

Islamabad, Pakistan
Phase I - Retail Village is a new retail/apartment mixed use project planned for a unique hillside site in the Phase II section of Bahria Town.  The project is to reflect an “old style” vernacular, characterizing certain hillside towns and cities of Asia and Europe. Locations such as Florence and Monaco, and regions such as Tuscany are influences providing inspiration for this new village overlooking the Korang River in Rawalpindi.
The upslope side of the site will consist of G+3 and 4-story buildings with retail and parking on the first floor, and flats above. The downslope side will consist of G+ 2-story buildings with retail/restaurants on the ground level and below, and with apartments located on the floors above.
Material concepts include local stone/brick work, stone window sills, and steel windows, while plaster exteriors with multicolored buildings create a sense of building definition, that each has been constructed in a different era.