1738 Residence

Los Angeles, California

The 1738 Residence is located on a narrow tract lot that is 45 feet by 135 feet in size. Originally built in 1935, the project consists of a new addition and a complete renovation of an existing home to accommodate a growing young family.  Project constraints included a limited budget, a small site, and the need for more space. The existing structure and streetscape were respected, and the front façade was maintained and updated.  The new addition explored location, extension, and expansion. The narrow site largely governed the configuration of the building, however, the negative space between the existing structure, the legal setback lines, and the existing accessory building allowed for a creative new intervention. New wall planes parallel to the long site axis informed the condition of linkage and provided a threshold for the extension of views from the  front entry to the backyard garden. An imprint of a demolished bedroom was preserved in the horizontal plane with the placement of a new steel column. In the vertical plane, a dramatically-increased family room ceiling with clerestories allows for natural light to flood the space and to create a feeling of spaciousness.