Morongo Road Houses

Palm Springs, California


Two wood-framed residences composed of 2 bedrooms, an office, and 2-1/2 baths. The amenities include pool, spa, indoor fireplaces and outdoor showers.   
Design Concept:

The design concept was to create two secluded custom modern spec homes which reflect the character of Palm Springs itself.   On the one hand, the city preserves its quaint village atmosphere where one can rest, relax and rejuvenate in its shops, art galleries, and dining. On the other hand, Palm Springs lays way to active entertainment and an outdoor connection with the desert and San Jacinto Mountains. 

Much like the city, these homes offer a tranquil space to rest the mind, body, and spirit.   Yet in the blink of an eye, the homes can quickly transition into an open urban space meant for indoor and outdoor entertaining. Site placement was the key to preserving this concept. Capturing the south and west views of the San Jacinto Mountains was the most important programmatic requirement.   Located on the East side of each lot, both homes wrap a pool set on the westerly half of its site. The pool areas offer full sun exposure from late morning to sunset, ensuring a perfect environment for sunbathing and entertaining. Concrete floors flow from interior to exterior, keeping the homes cool in the summer and warm at night. The overlap of the exterior volumes creates large overhangs to guarantee protection from the extreme heat of the summer desert sun and to create security for nightly entertaining.

The floor plans feature oversized living/dining rooms, open kitchens and soaring ceilings. These courtyard scheme layouts provide a seamless visual connection to the San Jacinto Mountains with their expansive walls of glass, open interior volumes, and large overhangs. The exterior colors pull from the red of the mountains and the browns of the desert soil.    The interior colors reflect the purest red-orange of the desert sunsets, the greens of the cacti, and the browns of the desert soil. Natural materials such as glass tiles, Quartz stone countertops, zebra wood, black wood, light oak, grey oak and concrete floors lay the foundation to these accent colors.

The interior design itself matches the more urban attributes of Hollywood fused with vintage furnishings that have been consistently prominent in the Palm Springs culture.